My puppy has itchy skin and has developed a small bald spot the size of a nickle. I assume this is due to allergies, as she does not have fleas? Any idea on what to do for her?


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Kelly Dodsworth answered
Before you give the pup a bath has the pup been bathed before? Have you used shampoo for humans? If so chances are you have burned the pup using a product not designed for the pup.

Go to the pet store and buy some dog shampoo and give the pup a bath. You should also wish to prevent that dog from scratching the area which the bald spot has developed.
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My pitbull had that and the vet said it was cradle cap it will go away in a  couple of weeks
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Cortisone cream, like a childs formula, as long as it's in a spot where she can't lick it.

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