What does Punctate non obstructing right kidney stone mean? Also do some stones just disintegrate on there own?


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Not sure what that means but yes some stones can fall apart and pas easier. Ive experienced hundreds of these things ranging from various sizes but have had only 3 ops to go get thm as they were just too huge but now DRs have put me on Allupurinol and they have stopped dramatically, but experiencing even one of these is something I would never wish on my worst enemy, but after a few , I don't even notice unless theyre way too huge, 9mm or bigger to pass now
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Drs have said to saty away from sweet tea especially and sodas as sugar will cause them if urich acid based or calcium as I have both, one kind per side. Calcium ones they can blast with ultrasound. I was told even nthough Coke can cause them, Coke can also dissolve them too but need to drink a 2 litre of Coke

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