If you jump off a bridge, would you faint before you got to the bottom?


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The human body can withstand a lot of punishment. 20 meters of jumping from a bridge in terms of how fast you'll be going is kind of nothing. There is an equation, though it varies based on wind, your mass, and of course all of this has to happen in a vacuum for the equation to work.
My point being, after 20 meters, you'll be fully conscious and made painfully aware of your decision.
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Tony Newcastle
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Accurate answer. Alexia, in her question, didn't say exactly how high or iow low the bridge was. However, in general, it's better not to go jumping off bridges.
Tony Newcastle
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Oh I see, Alexia said 20 metres, in a reply comment.
She should have put that in her Q.
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Oopsies. Sorry=P
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It would probably be quite refreshing it is only the stopping bit at the bottom that kills you!
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No, you'll be awake all the wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwway down.
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I hope not. I'd be like wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Again! Again! Again!! :d
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Well, I know I wouldn't. I'd be too busy laughing and screaming and wishing I could do it again to faint. There's a problem though...when you hit the bottom :(
Which is why people like me invented bungee jumping!!! =D
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I don't know because I don't know how high the bridge is because you aint told me how high the bridge is.
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...if I was commiting suicide off a 20m bridge firstly its a bit retarted but nah I would be doing loads of flips :D...and nah after only 20m you would deffo be concious (I would do it off the tyne bridge :))
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....okay i clearly said in the tags 'Nothing to do with suicide' mr smatypants=)......obv YOU would be doing flips, you wanna die in style=P
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Dont flatter yourself sweetie=)
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No...my friends would be throwing down ropes for me to hang on to! On the other hand, if my friend jumped off a bridge, no dummy I wouldn't do that too, I'd be waiting at the bottom to catch her :D
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Wen you jump off a cliff or a bridge its the force that kills you..so before you get to the bottom..you most probably wud have already died cus of the force...8) unless you hit sumthing on your way down..tht reduces momentum 8)
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Tony Newcastle
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What "force" are you talking about?
millicent williams
You know Tony "The Force" haven't you seen Star Wars! And if you hit something on the way down you would certainy feel something.
Addilynn Addilynn
@Tony..ur science must not be tht good then...if u dnt understnd this...force as wen u fall..gravity pulls you down..yes? Tht is force..! Gosh...LOL

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