Which is the predominant type of circulatory T lymphocyte - T3, T4, T8 or T10?


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The "T" in T lymphocytes stands for Thymus. The Thymus is the organ within the body where lymphocytes grow and mature. T lymphocytes aid the body in defending itself as they are involved in cell-mediated immunity. We distinguish T lymphocytes from other types of lymphocytes by the T-shaped receptor on the outside of the cell wall. Only about 5% of the body's T lymphocytes are in the body's circulation at one time, but these account for about 75% of the number of lymphocytes in circulation.

Other than that, this is a difficult question to answer. Because your question is so specific, internet resources on T3, T4, T8 and T10 lymphocytes do not contain the answer you are looking for. This question is of a high biological level, so your best bet for getting an accurate and intelligent answer is to get in touch with local biology professors of a college level. You could try emailing or writing a letter, giving them your contact details so that they can get in touch with you. Chances are they won't mind meeting with you, or at least talking on the phone, because you have a genuine and intelligent interest in this subject.

Another idea is to try your local library for biology text books or studies on specific strains of T lymphocytes. On the internet, many articles about T3, T4, T8 and T10 lymphocytes look at a single strain in isolation, rather than comparing the strains, and their action within the circulatory system, to one another. However, in a text book or other type of biological book, you are more likely to find individual descriptions of the strains of T lymphocytes that you require, and comparisons of them. This should allow you to gain further insight into the T lymphocytes you wish to find out about

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