What does zoloft do in the brain of an ocd people ? Help plz . And what happen to the brain when you stop taking zoloft?


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Hello Xhizors - Zoloft affects the chemicals in the brain. It may cause depression, panic, anxiety or OCB (Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour). Ironically, it is also used to treat depression and OCB. As well as, premenstrual disorders. Its generic name is 'seratine' and belongs to a group of drugs called 'selective seratarin inhibitors'.
I'm not sure if you are taking zoloft or not, or whether any of the effects of taking it are familiar to you.
A medical practitioner or mental health professional may take you off a drug if it is having adverse effects, as I've outlined above. So advice should be sought with whomever your consultat/doctor is.
Overall it is often prescribed as an anti-depressant.
Hope this is useful.

Catherine Adams

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