How do you remove black things off your tongue?


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Often, black spots on the tongue are just areas of hyper-pigmentation. They should be able to be brushed away with a regular toothbrush. Brush your teeth, gums and tongue with your toothbrush and some dental toothpaste, and see if any difference is produced; it may take a number of brushing sessions for the black spots to fully disappear.
  • Hairy tongue
If brushing doesn't make a difference, you may be suffering with what is known as a 'hairy tongue'. A hairy tongue is caused by the excess consumption of tobacco, in whichever form - smoking or chewing gum. Tobacco causes the black spots on the tongue and these can be very difficult to get rid of. Asides from giving up tobacco completely, the best thing to do would be to consult your doctor, who may be able to recommend a treatment program. As the condition is not a threat to the health, they may simply send you away to quit your smoking habit rather than providing treatment. In this case, you could seek private treatment - although it should be noted that this is very expensive. You can prevent your hairy tongue worsening by brushing your teeth and mouth thoroughly, two to three times a day. Cutting down on your smoking would also be a great help, although this is understandably easier said than done.
  • More serious cases

In a minority of cases, the black spots could be a more serious issue - which is why you should always consult a medical professional if they don't disappear. Black spots on the tongue could indicate the existence of an oral cancer, otherwise known as cancer of the mouth. Cancerous tissues can disrupt the pigmentation on the tongue, causing patches of blackness. See a doctor as soon as possible, but don't worry too much, as this eventuality is unlikely. Oral cancer can be treated effectively if you seek medical attention as soon as you notice the black spots.

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