Why do people twitch a lot?


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Twitching can be caused from a variety of things. Some of the reasons are listed below.

  • Muscle spasms
Twitching most commonly occurs when a muscle goes into spasm. This can cause the arm or leg to jerk around. Twitching in any muscle in the body is possible. It means that your muscle moves uncontrollably for a certain amount of time until the spasm eases. Spasming is completely random and can occur to anyone at any time. It is usually only small and causes the person no pain.

  • Fits
Twitching can occur if you have a fit as well. Epilepsy is an illness where you fit and twitch at certain flashing light sequences. It can be triggered at any time, some people have it from birth and some people develop it later on in life. It can be quite serious, but as long as the correct medical help is give, the condition does not stop you doing most day to day activities.

  • Tourettes
Twitching can also occur in a condition called tourettes syndrome. This is where a person cannot stop making the same movement over and over again. Some people have it with words as well, where they will randomly shout a certain word. Tourettes can be controlled, by learning techniques to calm yourself down and using will power to over come it. Some people have it worse than others.

There are various other illnesses and ailments that can cause twitching. If you want to find out more, type "what causes twitching" into google and you will find plenty of examples. People do twitch randomly, though, and sometimes there is no reason for it at all.

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