A Social networking website shouldnt affect your life in a way that hurts you and make you depressed..is should be the other way round....things in your life go wrong so you talk 2 ppl online...otherwise you know tht you're spending 2 much time here?


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That is quite true.. I go on here to talk about my problems.. I used to write it down in diaries but it was a waste of paper and a blog online but it got too personal and I did not want anyone to read it.
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If you watch carefully , you can figure out that a shout and its reply will take atleast 5 mts to 8 mts to be precise , 8 shouts means 1 hour , keep in mind that 24 hours make a day and 6 - 8 hours you normally sleep , 16 hours left and without a good company even blurtit is boring sometimes
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Geez you do spend too much time on blurtit! Haha! 8)
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Not at all , first it was like almost 6 hrs but now its only 2 hrs max , am trying to reduce the duration gradually
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What , being here or while avoiding blurtit?
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It should be a cool place to chat about your fave subjects with ppl who have the same interests.Blurtit is a cool way to relax and unwind when I come home from work and last thing at night before bedtime as it helps me sleep strangely enough.But if ppl start bitching or hurlling the insults ( and I've been no angel myself in that respect ), then it becomes an upsetting and stressful experience.Which of course is the complete opposite of what a Social Networking site is supposed to do.It's cool talking to differeent ppl around the world about things we've got in common and it shows we're all the same at heart really, irrespective of nationality.

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