What Does The Gay-lussac Scale Measure?


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The gay-lussac scale is an alcohol measuring scale. The gay-lussac hydrometer scale is calibrated to find out the percentage of ethanol by volume. Zero on the gay-lussac scale denotes the extent to which the instrument sinks pure water at 15°C, and 100 is the level to which the instrument sinks in pure ethanol at 15°C.
In UK, the term 100 percent proof means 57.1 percent alcoholic content while in US 100 percent proof equates to 50 percent alcohol. The gay-lussac scale is widely used in Europe to determine the strength of alcohol in a drink. Before the gay-lussac scale, the Cartier was used as a measurement, which was eventually replaced in the year 1824. In many occasions in Europe and some parts of the world, alcohol beverages are required to be accompanied by a certificate documenting alcoholic strength represented by the Gay Lussac Scale.

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