How do you make REAL friends that don't stab you in the back or blow you off? Should I just not have any friends or stay with the backstabbers and let my self-esteem drop even more? I've never had a friend.


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Try to stay with trustworthy friends, if you know them very well and they like your company they won't dare to stab your back.
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Here is the hint talk less let them talk try to understand the nature of people then it will be lot easier to sort out people
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To have a friend you must be a friend.

Backstabbers are not your friends anyway.
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I am a friend i seem more of a pushover.
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I said be a friend. Friends are not pushovers as many people take advantage of pushovers. You need to bring up your confidence and esteem level. To fell good about yourself to something good for others. Volunteer.
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First off, I'm sorry you only meet fake ass people but there are many genuinely good people out there. You just need to know how to spot the real people from the fakes. If you're saying that you only meet backstabbers you need to work on reading people's character a bit better. Be more perceptive of how they treat others.
  I bet you become close to people easily right? For example: You hang out with this new girl in school everyday for a week straight.. Do you consider her a good friend?
It takes time to figure a person out. Take the time to see them at their best and at their worst before committing to any type of relationship. Even casual friendship.

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