What Is Horner's Syndrome?


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It's a type of nervous system disorder; specifically with the sympathetic nervous system around the face (part of the nervous system that does things automatically -- without us having to think about them). Also called oculosympathetic palsy or Bernard-Horner syndrome.

Horner's can be congential (manifest from birth), but it's normally a condition acquired in life, usually following damage to one of the major nerve centres involved in the sympathetic nervous system. The most common causes are trauma to the neck, tumours and stroke.

The most common symptoms are related to the eyes, including drooped eyelids, constricted pupil, lack of facial sweating and sinking of the eyes into the face.

Treatment depends very much on the underlying cause, and helping the damaged nerves to heal. The chances of a full recovery depend on whether the underlying cause can be fully treated.

Horner's syndrome may be even more common in some animals (dogs, cats, horses) than it is in people.

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