What Is The Hardest Thing You've Ever Had To Do? Mental, Physical, Emotional Combinations Are Fine.


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I think probably trying to be emotionalling strong in front of my six year old sister when she was told she had cancer and all she would have to go through and when I had to see her in all her pain.That was really tough.Iamlegend
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The hardest thing that I remember that I had to do was let a finishing relationship go... I was going to college, he was still in high school. He started having issues with that. He broke up with me and was upset. I was very upset, I felt he was my soul mate, but I know he wanted me to beg him to come back and to plead with him for us to work it out. I wasn't going to do that. I had school to focus on and I knew dealing with his insecurities would interfere. So even though I was still in love with him months after and it was so hard for me, I let him go.
Watching someone I dearly love die holding my hand & looking thru me & knowing there was nothing I could do to help this person other than just being there in their moment...♥nassy
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When I started working as a special care nurse, I came across a severely mentally handicapped girl. She was a delicate 14 year old and a bad epileptic. She bore all the scars of this with broken and missing teeth and enumerous scars about her head. Yet , she was so cute and loveable and I couldn't help but form an attachment to her. To cut a long story short, she became very ill and went into a state of status epileptic us. This is were one seizure almost immediately preceded another. I sat on a bean bag and held her in my arms while the doctor tried to find a viable vein to inject her. Each time she was coming out of the seizure she looked straight into my eyes and I could see the fear in her eyes as she slipped back into another fit. She died in my arms  . In those days we washed her and performed last offices before sending her to the morgue. I was crying on the inside but I wouldn't let it be seen. I even was nonchalant and cracked a few jokes with another patient before going off duty. I went back to my room , turned up the music and cried myself to sleep. That was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Mainly, because since then I tried to avoid getting too involved. This happened very early in my career, and it changed me forever.
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Watch my children go to school and know that there are bullies. I was picked on by bullies all threw school and I ache just knowing that every child gets picked on sooner or later. Just thinking about upsets me. Once I seen my son in line at school and another child began to punch him and another child in the stomach, a teacher stepped in and separated the children. It hurts so much to see that happen to any kid, and that is one lucky child, he is lucky that I didn't run over and pound him into the cement. You want so bad, as a parent, to protect your children from their mistakes and pains and you know you never ever could ever prevent them from hurting. Pain is a part of life and growing up. I just wish I could protect them forever.
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It was and still is Mentally and Emotionally. I am still suffering from that. It all happened when I had to live in totally different environment from which I was raised in. I couldn't fully realize the difference between two and fell for somethings in my new different environment. I do now think that It was all a waste, All I had to suffer from in coping with that difficult time, All the stress I faced. But now the damage is done-My brain had such tough time to face all worse things that now It is no more that much functional that It used to be. It is really very very weak to let me survive.
I did tried to hid the worse things in here but Yes, the severity was too much to handle, I just fell for wrong things and wrong people with wrong perceptions and I am now suffering for that and I'll suffer for it for whole lifetime. I know that doesn't matter how much happier I get, how much of my dreams get fulfilled-I would never love to live-Yes, I do want to die(And tried a sleeping pill overdose to get rid of this human body and soul but unfortunately I failed and was saved).
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It is so much easier to forgive someone else than it is to forgive ourselves, but I truly believe that we take our feelings with us into the ether. Please, my dear sweet Life, forgive yourself. You have so much love in your heart and you give it so freely to others. Give some to yourself my friend. You deserve it.
I sit here and think of all the smiles, laughter and comfort you have given me at times when I so needed it and You do not even know of or realize it, my dear friend.
It hurts my heart to know that you feel this way about yourself.
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This community is the only place now where I find comfort.
My Mental health has completely ruined my HOPES!
But, May be someday, I might feel happy, truly happy from heart!
I just hope & can only hope someday, may be someday things might get right!
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The thought that comes to mind right now is losing my mother when I was only 12, she is sorely missed, and was a great person, I have aspired to be like her.
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Finding true love. I am a now 33 yr old guy who has never been in love or even had a proper girlfriend. Sure I have had flings and plenty of sex but never anything serious or anything loving. Never had any cosy nights in on the couch, never been shown much loving affection by anybody, never had anybody there or to turn to or been able to care for, love or look after anybody. The lack of love in my life has affected me deeply I'd say and shaped my life and who I am. I began travelling last year, around the world from the UK to Australia to Latin America and back again, the onwards to pastures new. I will travel again next year and I will keep moving till I find that special woman to fall in love with. This ongoing search remains the hardest thing I have done and am doing to date.
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This is a good one.... I was in a very bad relationship that spanned about 3 years. I originally got into the relationship from a rebound where I was terribly heartbroken. I knew right off the bat it was not healthy but I myself was in no state at the time to really recognize it. A year and a half later it took everything I had to try to get him to leave. It took even longer than that to get him out of my life. That was the hardest thing I have ever done, and will never go thru it ever again.
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After reading the first three answers I had to stop, as I was getting too depressed. You guys are awesome. I'm young, and I have yet to have bigger hardships to face. As of now the biggest difficulty in my life is trusting the harness, when I'm supposed to jump from great heights. Free falling just kind of sucks, but I don't mind rock climbing at all, when you can control the pace.

Other difficulties I face are just being strong in my Christian faith. I believe and nothing could change that, but it's the sins I struggle with. I need to learn to control my temper and my tongue.

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