Describe The Harmful Effects Of Solvents And Tobacco On The Body And The Dangers Of Contracting HIV And Hepatitis When Injecting Drugs?


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Smoking has been associated with various diseases especially hypertension or cardiovascular diseases and cancer. It is said that nicotine which is one of the components of tobacco is a carcinogen, stimulants and it hastens the formation of atheroslerosis or thrombus formation which would occlude our blood vessels.
HIV and hepatitis B is transmitted through contact of contaminated body fluids or blood which is very possible in using injection syringe which is already contaminated or by other users.
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in hepa b, you'll become a carrier of the virus forever, so you are not allowed to donate your blood or share your injection syringe to others. that is why there is increase risk of contracting the disease among drug users because commonly the're sharing injection syringe.

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