Can Smoking Pot Make You Bipolar?


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That is silly. I mean there are no stupid questions. But I highly doubt that marijuana can do this to you. If you are depressed or bipolar especially, it's usually from 1) your life 2) genes/family history 3)It's just silly. I have heard that people who are bipolar can smoke a huge amount of weed and not get high(probably a myth) But serio0usly, if your depressed and you smoke and you feel worse and not better-STOP SMOKING!!! Also, go talk to a therapist. It sounds like you might be depressed and could use a good outlet. Someone to vent to. Just take care of your depression and don't let it go by untreated. Take care. I hope I helped a little :)
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Yes, smoking THC the active ingredient of pot can make you bipolar, psychotic, depressed. One of the many problems associated with the use of THC (also known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol) is needing a better high because you reach tolerance and then going on to other drugs of abuse.

The following URL has information regarding birth defects and THC:

Although the following URL is not by any means an official site for information regarding the use of THC this site does offer some insite into some of the problems with the use of THC:

The following URL allows the user to decide whether or not to use THC and also provides evidence to support using and refraining to use THC:
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I would check on your info. I don't believe that this is the correct answer to this person's question. Google it!!! Isnt that what everyone does? ;)
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Please inform yourself ;)
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No it can't do that
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Having smoked Galactic Glue ( ) my body flew to heaven, and my brain remained with me with increased concentration and by the way this is the best pain reliever for migraines. Someone flew away from pure thc while getting how much benefit?

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No.  And what you are describing is not bipolar disorder, bipolar switches between manic (happy) and depressed (sad) phases over days or weeks.  It is still a problem and you should still talk to an adult that you trust to help you work it out.
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If abused it can make some people paranoid or have other mental issues, but the mental problems associated from marijuana abuse are the mildest in comparison to all the other abused substances. I'd much rather deal with a chronic marijuana smoker than an alcoholic any day of the week.

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