What Are Common Allergies Pit Bulls Are Prone To?


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Most common allergy in all dogs is food allergy from low quality foods, nasty chemical's, ingredients and fillers that aren't good for them ect. Other than that it may be things like grass, pollen, fleas ect. Some breeds have naturally weaker immune systems and hard or impossible to avoid allergies (like Bulldogs) but in a breed like pit's if the parents suffer from bad allergies beyond nasty food (that's ingredients that aren't good for our dogs) the pups are likely to as well. Generally a slow switch to a better quality diet begins to show improvement in about 4 weeks as all the crud begins to leave the system and stop effecting them so much and over time a huge difference in just about everything. I feed Innova, green bag. You can check out your food on the analysis site, it is often a big factor to problems.
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