Why Do So Many People Get Depressed During The Holiday Season?


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Perhaps people, like me, have lost a loved one... And the holidays , no matter how hard you try, just aren't the same anymore. Personally, I get depressed because I have lost two very important people in my live, one in brother in law in November and my dad in February. So no matter how hard I try to get in to the spirit, I feel bothered and depressed. A visit to the Cemetary always helps me feel better, but there's a void or hole in my heart that time if filling, awfully slow... But it's feeling it. To top matters off, I usually get really sick in December, no matter what I try to do to take care of myself, I have a compromised immune system, and things just get to me. The doctor says that it's due to Holiday stress, rushing, being out amongst too many people, flying in airplanes, etc (all of which I do). When the illness takes me off of work in December, I worry even more ... December (year end closing of books) is a very critical time for the financial services industry.

Thanks for this question, it helped me vent. Happy New Year!
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You hit on some very valid points! I have lost people but not in the sense you speak of. Divorce and kids going seperate ways. Direct family not getting together as we used to always do. The point about getting sick in December, I always seem to be sick for christmas. Just to let you know you are not alone and glad I could also be a source to let it out. Hope you have a great 08 (I know, kinda korny)
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I really think that Holiday season is really stressful and very reflective one at the same time.This is bound to bring a lot of emotions and thoughts about our lives.I always find myself more blue and missing my family around this time, and recalling the past, and being really reflective.But this is the season to actually rejoice, and be marry so this year I will do my best to put all my sadness and worry aside and
be of great cheer!Have a wonderful and happy and healthy Holidays fdjones ! I wish you all the best:):):)
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Your plan sounds like what I need as well. Put all the sadness and worry aside and be of great chear. Thanks very much and Warm Wishes to you as well this holiday season!
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Unrealistic Expectations, lack of proper Holiday etiquette, time constraints, financial stress, buried memories of past holiday's, and let us not forget, we are mammals, and the darkest months are Dec. And January. We don't get enough light and exercise.
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We have become a society of excess. We have to have more and we have to have it perfect. So we stress ourselves almost to death looking for the perfect present or trying to have the perfect party. We've forgotten what the true reason for the holiday is, and we've allowed our children to run wild with want. There are many reasons for holiday depression, be it stress related to the above, or the loss of loved ones and missing them during the holidays. Each person has their own reasons for depression, it just seems to come out more during the holidays. This is not scientific fact just my own observation.
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Most people get depressed during the holiday season because everyone in the planet is either with someone they love or family, so if you don't have anyone you love or family you are sure to put an arrow through your skull, but stop, listen, this time will pass and maybe everything that seems so bad now will get better later, remember this is just a holiday and we have many to celebrate and make new memories.
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Yes, things will get better and that is what keeps most people from taking any action on their depression. We must always look forward but remember the past to learn from it.
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I agree with mama. :] And, in my opinion, holidays themselves are just exhausting. All the running around, shopping, thinking, planning, ect., -it sounds like a lot because it IS a lot.
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You are right. The reason is that most of the people are not with their loves one. Imagine this, which it happens everytime, couples will spend time with either one of their in-laws while while the other will wait for next year. Or is case of a kid probably with a relative they want to see during the holidays. Or it could be things you use to do. There many reasons you can come up with.
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There actually is a condition called s.a.d. Seasonal affected disorder.more people seem depressed in winter and the theory is about reduction in sunlight. Iceland has little daylight and it is noted for the way it affects its population. They are more introverted than those who live in warmer and brighter climates. The brain is a funny old thing ain't it. :)
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R Maye
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Sunny Southern California has lots of sun, especially in December, but I still get "down" in the dumps.
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I would also disagree with this answer as many places are sunny yet there is depression everywhere. I am aware of SAD and this also is prevelent in the stormy summer months when the sun does not shine in certain areas.
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Im sorry that so many people are depressed during the holidays due to depressing circumstances. Even for those who dont believe, God is always watching over all of us. He knows our troubles and there is nothing the Good Lord cant fix. If you would just cast all your troubles onto the Lord, he will take them away from you. Imagine all the pain, sorrow, and bad memories all gone. Only God can do it. I know not everyone believes in Christ or God, but He is still there for you when you need Him most.
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Well sometimes it is because ppl are not able to be with the ppl they may want or they just don't have any money to buy the perfect presents for ppl. Then there are some that get really jealous cuz they don't have a boy/girl friend to spend time with. I think that every1 was not all depressed until all the studies came out saying that ppl are all down and needing meds ctz of depression. I thinks a lot of it is in there head!
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People may have lost their loved ones and the holidays are pretty stressful. A lot of people feel sad around this time. I don't like the holidays. People are getting too obsessed with all this crap!

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They know that they are going to spend all their money on expensive gifts and receive junk in return.
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Christmas is about giving, not recieving. As long as you understand this then it does not matter what gifts you get. Only what you are able to give and the best ones are those that can change other peoples lives.
Katarzyna Guernsey
I will only post this quote to comment:
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I think back about all the good people I murdered, and then kept frozen in freezers in my barn. Then I go to prison and can't be with the ones I loved best.
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I think too many people have holidays also because the holiday season is mostly booked and it is very hard to find accomodation, it is also very hard to book flights.

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