Can Anyone Explain Hypoglycemia To Me?


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Hypo means low and glyc is sugar. The term anemia refers to the blood. In diabetics too much sugar is hyperglycaemia. Insulin is a hormone in the body which works like a key to unlock the energy from the sugar to give energy to your body. Too much sugar means not enough insulin is available to use up the sugar. If a diabetic takes too much insulin in an injection it will use up the sugar too quickly. So the right balance has to be found.
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Jennifer Roberts
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so if i am hypoglycemic at the moment it can turn to hyerglycemic over a length of time or can it turn suddenly and without warning?
patrick mc mullan
you dont want to be either hypo or hyper glycaemic. both are abnormal. if you are hypo then a little sugar in a glass of water should do the trick. if you are hyper then you may need medication to correct it. you will have a good idea by how you feel. if your blood sugar is too low then you will feel easily tired. if you are too high then you will feel restless. there are kits you can buy in the chemists that will allow you to check your levels. its unusual to change suddenly. see your gp for more advice.
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that is exactly what i needed to know. i knew i was hypo but wasnt sure exactly what it truely meant. I appreciate you taking the time to help me out. thank you very much. Jennifer =)
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Careful now, I am a type I diabetic and my sister is a hypoglycemic. There is also hyperglycemics. Each is related to insulin but differ in how the body produces (or does not produce)insulin.

Diabetes is the inability to produce insulin. Some people don't have the receptors to tell the pancreas to produce insulin so they take pills that act as the receptors. Others can't make insulin at all so they take insulin injections

Insulin bonds with the sugars in the blood to make them usable for energy in the body. To much insulin and your blood sugars go low. I bring this up because Hypoglycemia is also a low blood sugar in diabetics but people without diabetes can have it.

Hypoglycemia is condition when the body created more insulin than needed to use the sugars that were eaten. If my sister was to eat a piece of pie or something very sweet, she would in turn produce more insulin than needed and it would take several hours for her to restabilize.

Hyperglycemia is in a diabetic, a high blood sugar. That is, there is not enough insulin in the body to handle all the sugar that is taken in.

Let me know if you don't understand or have more questions on this as it is all just a part of life for me. All a game of balancing insulin intake to food intake to exercise and stress (they all play a role).
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Yeah my brother and dad are hypoglycemic. I'm no doctor but I'm pretty sure hypoglycemia just means low blood sugar. The pancreas produces insulin which is supposed to cancel out the amount of glucose in you blood. When you are hypoglycemic the pancreas produces to much insulin unlike diabetes where the pancreas doesn't make enough insulin so they have to have an insulin pump. If you think you have it the most common symptoms are passing out due to low blood sugar of course, weakness, and you can get really stinky crabby at times. If you are always pale that is a pretty good sign too. That 'Padraig' dude was right what he said but he just didn't list the symptoms. So there ya go.

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