What Is Your Favorite Tongue Twister? Example: Sally Sells Seashells By The Sea Shore.


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Here's one in Hindi (Indian language) which I just adore!!!


Chandu ke Chacha ne

Chandu ki Chachi ko

Chandni raat mein

Chandni Chowk pe

Chandi ke Chammach se

Chutney Chatai

The Translation is as follows...

~~Chandu is the name of a boy and Chacha means Paternal Uncle (younger brother of Father) and Chachi is wife of the Uncle...

So it's...

Chandu's Uncle Fed Chandu's Aunt on a full moon night with chutney using a silver spoon!!!


ha ha ha ha

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I really like that it's cool!
carol washington
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I love it, i'm trying to say it. Thank you for explaining the meaning. Now i know what i am saying and i have not got it right yet...but i will with practice.
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I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream!!!
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Rubber baby buggy bumpers and the sally sells sea shells by the sea shore

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