Is Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Solution 0.083% Dangerous When Administered To 4 Year Old Children Who Have Asthma?


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I us to take Albuterol, I don't know the what the percentage was though. It was not bad for me. BUT I had a real bad asthma attack and got up to take my inhaler. The inhaler was in the rest room. And I took it, I could not breath at all and actually fell to the floor. The inhaler was no good. It can actually kill you if you don't keep it were its supposed to be. Never leave a inhaler in the restroom or any humid or were there is moisture.I had already knew better but we had just move and the box was in the restroom. ( ALSO NEVER LET THE CHILD TAKE MORE THAN TWO PUFFS) The feeling of a overdose is very scary and makes you start to shake. Keep an eye on the inhaler!

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