What Are Your Thoughts On Assisted Suicide To Those Whom Are In A Painful Terminal Condition?


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After watching my mother this spring (she suffered from inoperable pancreatic cancer), I still don't agree with it.  There ways to make your feelings known to loved ones before the time comes...it's call a durable power of attorney.  Luckily both my parents have one and we invoked it when the time came for my mom.  It was a very hard decision to make but it's the legal and right way to do it.  The durable POA spells out what steps, if any, are to be done in the event the loved one cannot make decisions for themselves in regards to nutrition and hydration.
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Thank you for that lesson in law [aka living will;free in my grp lucy's legal].....lol...I am truly sorry about your mom tho hun [[[hugs]]].....♥nassy
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You have to listen to Marilyn Manson's "Suicide is Dangerous" The song in Mash he performs this song as if it were the end! I think if people are that far gone what gives" Let them end the misery of what their life must be! I mean Humanity is Human and if someone is in such pain and basically not functioning in a capacity that is acceptable by any standard! They should be allowed to die how they wish! Is there not a big correlation with this and abortion? The major difference being the unborn can't voice an opinion!  

Additional - The correlation of abortion and suicide is that we allow abortion and do not consider this act murder, yet when someone is terminally ill and Dr. Jack (Death) Kevorkian assist in ending this life he is jailed as a murderer! Abortion Doctors are protected by the law to carry-out the act of abortion which is murder! This assist in ending one's ending life with dignity is in direct conflict with abortion and is a correlation of the event. The major difference is however One life is beginning the Other Life is Ending! While they are diametrically opposed in fact the act of each is the correlation of the act that is viewed as being different.
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Janet Simmons
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No I don't think there is a correlation.....abortion is murder....not suicide. Suicide is a choice made by a person....like you said a baby/fetus has no voice and no choice. And yes I believe that "life" starts with conception! Something dead cannot live in the womb....the bodies natural process is to absorb that fetus if it is not alive or to naturally abort....not abortion at the hands of man because one decides they don't want a child!!
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The additional comment addresses this correlation to abortion. Abortion is not considered murder yet Someone ending a life that is ending, not beginning is considered Murder! What gives?
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I have to say that in the case of a painful terminal condition, that i think it should be an option. But this isn't a decision that people should leave until they are ill. They need to make these decisions ahead of time. As stated previously, a living will or a durable power of attorney.
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Regardless, it is not their decision so sayeth the government...thanks sweetie...♥nassy
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I think in Oregon it is legal now. (my parents live there). Let's ask Debossman--he lives in OR.
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I agree with tiggersmom and janes this is one of the unforgivable sins the bible talks about,the other is blasphemy against God,and if you help someone kill themselves it is still murder this is my opinion,my sister passed not to long ago we had the option of taking away her support but we left that in Gods hands,and since we did she lived long enough for all of her children and grandchildren to come and see her before she died,this was good the Doctors made sure she was in no pain,and she was terminal with an aggressive form of bone cancer.
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I completely agree with Dena every one should have the right to end their own life if conditions make it unbearable for them to live.Myself I would choose life no matter what though.
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If the only way they are living is on machines and there is no hope of recovery or ever functioning as they once did then I would pull the plug only because I would want the same for myself.
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I have to agree with triggersmom.  I am a Christian and the bible teaches that we all have an "appointment" with death.....but that appointment is set by God, not our own hands.
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When I was laid in a bed with a crushed back I had my friend bring my gun and hide it!
At the time I didn't know, but it was my choice and NOT YOURS!
Nassy, read the whole story! Ask her and she'll let you read it for it to was MY WORDS, MY THOUGHTS, MY LIFE, and NOT YOURS!


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