Does Downs Syndrome Occur Equally Among All Racial Groups?


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No difference. Downs syndrome, trisomy 21 d , is a recessive condition which knows no race distinctions. But there are diseases and other syndromes which are prevalent among different races.:)
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There is no verifiable link between Downs Syndrome and race, meaning that a person's ethnicity would cause them to have this disease necessarily, however, it HAS been noted that there is a trend of more kids having the condition who are of European backgrounds, or are white. Again, this does not mean that being white gives you Down Syndrome, but it IS a statistic...

Because I am not an expert on the issue, I think that you will find these resources very helpful:

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My apologies...please excuse the typo in the first sentence: Where it says: "ethnicity would cause them," it should actually say: "ethnicity would not cause them." Sorry for the confusion!

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I work with kids with Downs and they do come in all races..

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