What Are The Almost Invisible Squiggly Lines That Float Around In My Eye?


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Hi there Nomad!

I have this problem as well, but my eye doctor told me they were one classic sign of migraines, an aura which sometimes accompany the headaches.  I still get the migraines (which were
diagnosed by my neurologist), and I still see the little squiggly lines that I so lovingly (read: Am still terrified of) call a herringbone pattern.  Some of us girls catch all the breaks, don't we?

I'd like to wish you a happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas.  

Love and Blessings to you and yours!
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What a good answer, I see little black lines, like scars or something and they are slow to catch up to my eyes. LOL Time delay, ahahaha!! Just thought that one up. ^_^ I crack me up. Lol Just kidding around.
They are called floaters.  According to my hubby's father, who is a doctor, they are simply dead cells from one's eyeball.  I asked him as I get them, too.

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