Why Do We Have Tonsils And An Appendix?


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When I was young my mother told the story of her brother who would disassemble the motor of his model T Ford. However when he reassembled it he would always a have a few parts left over.  This is the way the human body is assembled. All parts of the human body serve a function and were important to it's well being. Over time and evolutionary changes certain organs became of less importance and became inactive. However, they are not just extra parts. The tonsils are a filter to protect the system from harmful "germs," The appendix was once thought to trap and filter unwanted seeds ingested in foods, and the gaul bladder in the conversion and storage of the byproducts of fat.  We also have the remnants of a tail called the "coccyx."  Our body's contain many areas for secretion of waste. A few of which I will not discuss here except to say they may shock you if you knew. Just think though, if you didn't have your thumbs how would you pick up your cup of coffee, and your lips, how would you kiss somebody or keep saliva in your mouth, you'd be dribbling all over the place. You would be what is medically termed "A SLOB."

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I've got to start getting here before you, Jackyl. You stole my answer. Actually, I believe you are 100% correct about those body parts having had a vital function in the past but no longer. Good answer, even if it was mine. :)
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Recent medical information has determined that the appendix actually had a purpose in cleansing the body, but I haven't read anything about the tonsils. I had infections in both my appendix and my tonsils when I was a child, and both were removed.

The doctor who performed the appendix operation botched the job and I almost died.
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Sorry to hear it Yarn. My nephew had a bad case of appendicitis last year and he was lucky it didn't become peritonitis.
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Very good information.....
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Appendix is a filter for harmful fluids that flow through the body.
Like bacteria culture.
Tonsils are like a film that covers are vocal cords for protection.of bacteria
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I have only 2 wisdom teeth rather than the normal 4.  The same holds true for one of my two children.  My dentist said it was like the appendix.  One day somewhere in the future generations, wisdom teeth will be obsolete and we will evolve to the point they will not exist.  More & more of the children born are being born without the buds for some (or all) of their wisdom teeth. This is the same principal for tonsils and appendix.  Evolution is taking care of ridding ourselves of  unneeded tissue, at some point in the way off future, they will not exist.  My prediction!
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Both plus 200 other " vestigial organs " were thought to be Useless. But all are needed. The tonsils and appendix are needed and connected with the immune system. The tailbone is not left over from a human tail, it's there so we can sit down  straight and walk without falling over, and also functions with bladder control. No scientist has offered to have all 200 so-called vestigial organs removed from his body.
The only vestigial organ is the evolutionists brain.. We are not evolving, we are done. People need classes in logic and common sense.concerning the ETheory.
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Thanks Genew.
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For your information my dear man GENEW, I would advise you to research before you make erroneous statements of fact. The Coccyx IS a remnant of the human tail. Please read "Function" at this link.

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Tonsils Protect From Germs I Think. But Not Needed   Appendix Filter Bad Fluids. Not Needed  My Cursed Gall Bladder Is Not Necessary.. I've Had 2 Gall Bladder Attacks.. The Pain Is Like Being Stabbed With A Hot Chef's Knife. It Wasn"t Infected Bad So I Got Antibiotics And Pain Meds.. The Doc Said I Have Gall Stones. And To Watch My Diet REEAL Close. I Haven't Had Problems Since 2005... Doc Said One More Attack And Out Comes Gallbladder.. I Said Why Can't I Have It Out Now. He Said Because It Not An Emergency Since WE Controlled It With Antibiotics  What???
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Most of the other people have covered it, but for the Appendix, It is probably the work of evolution and humans not needing it anymore (Jackyl! Ah, you took it before me). Another example may be the tail bone, for it only confirms and proves more to the theory of humans being Australopithecus and Homosapiens at our early stages. If a line of people in a family (generations) have their appendixes removed, it is very much possible that the appendix will not be in the body of the other generations of that specific family
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Useless pieces of tissue...but this a doctor or God would have to answer!!
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According ot the wise geek site the tonsils are thought to help fight disease but do to the constant side effect of swollen tonsils it was thought by the medical community in the long run to be better to remove them letting children be able to breath easier instead of having a blocked airway and sore throats.www.wisegeek.com
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I suppose it is the same as having a gall bladder, one more thing to cause pain and discomfort til they are removed.
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Tonsils help filter out harmful bacteria. An appendix was at  one  time useful in some way to the body.  At this point in time it has no use.
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Just to make doctors, hospitals and insurance companies rich.  A test from God how greedy they would be and they all lost.
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The appendix is a throwback to when just came down from the trees.of no use now.The tonsils help to protect us from harmful germs,but they're not worth keeping in if they keep hurting you

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