How Do I Get My Brother To Stop Stabbing Me In The Stomach With His Sword?


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Just walk away. Or defend yourself
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Simple! The best defence is a good offence! Do the exact same back to him and he will soon stop!
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I have no idea unless u defend urself against him
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Tell connor to stop from me
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You know, I really love how you guys can watch a movie and proceed to be so thoroughly influenced by it so as to literally make applications to your own lives.
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What do u mean?
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Well, I'm assuming you've seen that Percy Jackson movie that came out recently. And now you consider yourself a "demigod." Your Blurtit profile image is one of the actresses in the movie.
Please spare me.
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Tell him that it hurts and do the same to him so he can realize that it hurts!
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Firstly is he younger bro is the sword plastic or real and if i were you id take it away and threaten that if he doesnt stop you might i dont know maybe hide it break it or put somewhere where he cant find it    take the sword and start stabbing him    tell me if you can be a little violent or do you have to be gentle
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Luke, tell Connor to stop! Where am i when he's doing this? Don't tell me he does it when the cabin only contains you guys....travis doesn't support him, since connor is possesed by Cronos. Tell him to stop or i'll sick Orthus on him! And that dog scares him to death. Please, please, Luke, just hang on, luke, please! I need u

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