Can depression occur in 15 year old girls, if so, what are the symptoms?


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Tiffany Jordan answered no doctor but i can tell you, it is possible! "She" would experience sleeping a lot, crying a lot(even if there seems to be no obvious reason to be crying). She'll probably cry when there's noone around. She, and only she, will feel like, even if she's in a crowded room w/tons of friends around her, and she looks like she's having a blast, the truth of it is she's crying, and hurt on the inside....and doesn't feel quite normal on the inside, and feels like she's all alone. And she will feel like she has to force a smile on her face, when all the while, she's dieing on the inside, and DOES NOT KNOW WHY. She'll feel hopelessness, even if she's talented, and beautiful, inside and out... Where there should be no reason to feel this way. And she'll feel a sense of fear about what the future holds for her...even though by all appearences, she has the talent, and brains, and beauty, and all the tools to be somebody in the world. She'll think to herself, "If I could only be happy, and understand where this pain is coming from, and why, when there's no tangible reason for it.....maybe then, I can be truly happy."  You also have to watch out for the use of any drugs, because with depression, the two don't mix. Even if you think your little girl wouldn't, and in fact hasn't ever done them, you still need to be on the lookout for alcohol or even pills....because even the ones that have a good head on their sholders, and knows better, and stayed away from drugs their whole life, if they dont watch out, depression can still lead to stuff like that.  Wow thats a lot of information...but i hope it helps:)
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BUT the main thing is to stay possitive, and never give up. And if you have a higher power(for me thats god) than trust in him. Also see a pschiatrist, and if you dont want to do that, then maybe just a counselor. But make sure to talk to someone, and dont let yourself fall into the negativity:) And when you smile, try to really feel it!:)
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Oh yea! That's the most vulnerable age group to get depression. It's easy to get depression when your 15 years old because you are in "society" representing yourself. If anything touches your reputation it's game over for most people. But never fear, since rumors have no truth until you say it is so. Nevertheless, we cannot avoid the drama and selfless acts this age group brings. But if we know ourselves and stand up for what we believe in and fight for our truths then you'll have no problem.

Some symptoms of depression is sulking, anger, expressing emotional distress, frustration, lost of pleasure or interest in activities, and sadness.
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Totally agree with Arthur Wright.  If you do feel depressed just be reminded there is more to life than just the everyday.  Do something to excite yourself and make yourself happy ever if just momentarily.  Remind yourself of the good things in life, even if they are just the small things.  Everyone has a purpose in life so remind yourself that you are still young and have so much more to give the world.
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Yes of course depression can be found in 15 year old girls because i am a 15 year old, and i am clinically proven to be a depressed teenager. I dont like it when people use the terms emo thought because well, were technically not, sure there are ways we cope, such as, wrist cutting, hateful letter writing, cutting our thighs, cutting our legs and writing depressive poems. We will try and stay away from everyone, if we have a bf, he would be the only person she would want to see, and thinking that it will make her happy, it actually doesnt. You cry randomly when no one is around, when you get caught crying, you snap and get frustrated and just yell out the words DONT WORRY ABOUT IT
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A lot of self negativeness.
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Mood all over the place emotional and not knowing why staying away from company and being more and more by herself  wanting to sleep alot not interested in anything losing interest in food not caring about herself hope this helps .
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Certainly! Depression can occur in ANYONE at anytime. Some symptoms may be:
Isolation for everyone.
They may not seem to enjoy the same things they used to.
They may not smile as much as they used to.
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They feel lonely and tries addict towards some bad things , keep an eye on them or u may loose them
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The symptom are sometimes you have thoughts of suicide. You cry for know reason you feel down leaving things behind. And backing away from family and sometimes in drugs
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Sure it can like hopeliness, no motivation, no energy, no appetite, no social life, want to be alone, possible suicidal thoughts
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Loss of Apetite.
Not socializing with close friends as yu would before
lost interest in cool stuff yu mite have done before

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