How did Gerry Rafferty (RIP) manage to battle alcoholism, depression, and the music industry, yet produce such wonderful music?


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Sometimes.. From The Greatest Pain And Sadness  Comes Beauty. Edgar Allen Poe Was Very Depressed His Whole Life.. Vincent Van Gogh Was Very Depressed A Long Time. I Write The Best Poetry That Gets Published.. When I Am Heartbroken  Or    Angry Or  Disappointed
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Thank you, Annie, for your poignant comment. Some classical composers, also, led tragic lives, but produced fine music.
Annie Devore
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You Are Welcome Tony Sir
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Was he battling those things while making music?
If so I am perplexed on how he did it..... But perhaps he was a master of disassociation and separated his personal issues from his professional passions.
Otherwise, it seems it's just par for the coarse in music, battling demons so to speak.
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Maybe becouse of what he battled within himself gave him a great insight and understanding that along with his musical talent made for great music,
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I am not that he did

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