What's worse being blind or deaf?


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John Thomsen answered
Being blind, although I love sigh I could not live without words, music and conversation freely and easily.  Having both is a true blessing.
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Anime Rocks answered
Being blind because if you are blind and can't see then you might get worser problems like being both. Being deaf is good because you can still talk but in a silly type of way. Also if you are listening to songs you feel the beat running to your feat and it comes right to your ears. Also being blind you can have a guard dog but if you don't train it well you might get hit into a car. Theese are really serious problems. You need to tell your doctor right away if you think this is about to happen. If you don't know how you can become death well just at the end of your plane trip your ears will hurt like there is no tomorrow. So i hope that helps you.
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Arthur Wright answered
Probably blind  because you could never experience anything including sign language
Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
I could probably live without visual stimuli
But I love music, and conversation far too much to do without
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Lianna Lins answered
Deaf!! To never hear the sound of music (no, not the film!) or the sound of your own name...that's worse than never seeing. To me anyway.
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Moo C. answered
Blind though when going deaf you do go through vertigo and vomitting but you get over it

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