When I was young my eyes were green then turned hazel and now I'm 13 my eyes are turning sky blue. Why is this happening? I don't wear glasses or color/regular contacts lenses.


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You've had a lot of colour changes!

Why are your eyes changing from green to hazel to blue?

Your eye colour is all down to the amount of pigment you have in your eyes.   A lot of pigment and your eyes are brown, a little pigment and they're blue - somewhere in the middle - hazel.

What colour is hazel?

Look at these two images.

They are both described as ‘hazel’ eyes.  But can you see one is definitely ‘bluer’ and the other one definitely ‘greener’?  Hazel eyes are a mixture of colours. 

Your genes control the amount of pigment - not just one gene, but lots of different genes. 

When you are born your eye colour is not set in stone but changes as your genes switch on and off. Mostly it settles down but for some people It can be an ongoing process and their eye colour can change, as you have experienced!  

You are not alone.

Fifteen out of every hundred people see a change in their eye colour at puberty.  At 13 You are just at that stage!   Your body is changing again  as you progress from a child to an adult and your genes are once again switching on and off to change the colour of your eyes.

Now you have blue eyes.  I wonder what colour they are?  Are they like any of these?  Can you see how different ‘blue’ eyes are?

It’s not as simple as everyone thinks.

Now here is an interesting fact.  Did you know that researchers now believe that everyone who has blue eyes shares a common ancestor? (a long, long time back)

I’ve got blue eyes too - so we are probably related!

I’m sure what ever colour your eyes are - they are beautiful. This is one of my favourite sayings about eyes.  I hope you like it. X

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