Hey everybody, I have a loose tooth. It is a K-9 as some people call it, but it is on the left. And whenever I move it, it hurts. How can I pull it out without it hurting?


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I remember that feeling of having a tooth almost ready to fall out as being a bit strange!  I hated the sensation but I couldn’t keep my tongue away from playing with it every few minutes!  Weird!

So - how can you pull out that tooth without hurting?

Whatever you do to lose your tooth (K9 as you call it- very funny!) it is going to hurt a little. 

If you really can’t wait - and honestly it won’t be long- you could try all the things that are suggested in thest Blurtit answers

How to pull a tooth without hurting!

My favourite in the first answer is number 8!  But you really must not try this!!

Or how about doing what Mr Bean does in this short video?

I love Mr Bean!

Happy pulling!

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Get a paper towel, wrap it around your finger tips, then have your fingers hold on to the tooth, now for this NOT to hurt, you will twist it slowly, it will not hurt, twist it side by side very slowly and move it down a bit, its going to bleed but not hurt, continue to do this until the tooth is slowly coming out. Then when it does quickly take the paper towel you used on your hand and put a lot of pressure on it to stop the bleeding. Hope this helps and good luck, as your parents also.I also suggest you this Best Remedy For Toothache, there are plenty of home remedies to get rid of toothache instantly.

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