How do I get sick overnight with fever?


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If you want to get sick overnight and catch a high fever that will get you out of school, work, or anything else you don't want to be doing, then the best way is to contract a virus from someone else.

Come into contact with someone else that has a virus, and you will catch that virus too. If they have a fever, they can give it to you.

Just remember though, getting sick with a fever over night is not a joke : You should take this seriously as it is your health you are dealing with.

And what's the best way to catch their fever?

You might not believe this, but there is nothing better than making out with someone that is sick to make you sick. Trust me, I tried it.

The mouth is a very easy place for germs and bacteria to survive, so you are likely to catch a bug if you make out with someone in a really passionate way.

Both my parents are doctors, so I couldn't fake it at all or they would know.

Instead, when my friend was sick at school and said he was probably too ill to come in the next day, I asked him to make out with me. Next morning, I woke up with a sore throat, blocked up nose and a fever.

Instead of just one day of school, I actually missed 3 whole days. I thought I was going to die lol!

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Just wrap yourself in lots of blankets then when you get up do jumping jacks and push ups then drink something hot then wrap yourself with more blanckets

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