My tooth really hurts so much that I am crying and I can't close my mouth i need something that will make it stop hurting so I can go to sleep and I'm going to the dentist tomorrow?


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Matthew Brown answered

The best thing to do right now is to seek the Lords comfort.  I know that pain.

Jason Waggot Profile
Jason Waggot answered

DIfflam is a mouth rinse you can use to numb your mouth I wouldn't use too much of that stuff.

Otherwise painkillers, tea, and try to get some sleep... That's the best I can suggest.. Maybe some bonjela?

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Ash Rett answered

I had the same exact problem! 

Well in the morning tell your parents that your tooth hurts but if it's that bad tell them now. They'll probably tell the dentist but anyway it might be that another tooth is trying to come in but the tooth that hurts won't get wiggly.  You might have to get a tooth pulled like me but it's ok when they put the final numbing stuff on.  It only hurts for a bit then you only feel pressure when they pull the tooth and you hear a click. Otherwise it'll be a cavity.

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