How do girls that have less than perfect bodies act all confident, especially around guys?


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Probably because MOST girls have less than perfect bodies.

One could say that ALL girls have some imperfections, but that should not be your focus. Focus on your strengths and do the best with what you have, not what you con't have.

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Amanda Layne
Amanda Layne commented
ok yeah I know they're not perfect either but how do they ignore it? like sometimes i feel like all i can see is what's wrong with me. I had weight issues as a kid so maybe that's what has f'd me up???
John McCann
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I hear that focus on imperfection is a womanly thing.

I do not understand it, but from an evolutionary, and unconscious point of view, women compete with other women for mates and looks are an important part of that. So, the emphasis on looks.

Both men and women. ultimately, want kind and intelligent partners, but men want youth and beauty, secondarily, while women want resources and status ( or the potential of this ) secondarily. So men don't car as much ( excepting the metro sexual passing phase ) about their looks. None of this is thought about, but is an ultimate evolutionary driver.

What is reflected in the culture, the proximate driver, is the emphasis on women's attractiveness, weight etc Thus that is what you see and are in comparison with others over it..

Weight issues may still be with you even though the weight is not. I would seek a feminine confidant here, or even professional help with this issue.
Amanda Layne
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ok thanks for the explanation ..... a bit deeper than i expected, but yeah maybe I should talk to someone. It's not like I have an eating disorder or anything but sometimes I sort of get like inadequacy feelings
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I think it's probably because all girls AND guys have insecurity issues sometimes, so if you can realize that maybe it will help you cope with how you're feeling because it is perfectly normal, but also not something to worry about constantly

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