Help! I'm getting a weird white stuff in my underwear and at first I thought it was my periods starting but now its been going on for a couple months (at least 2) and I'm scared I have a disease. Why is it there? Should I tell someone? What should I do?


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Some vaginal discharge is normal, however, you may have a yeast infection. If you are young, tell your mom. Your mom will be able to get you some medication to help it, or make you an appointment with your doctor. Just best to tell your mom and/or see a doctor.

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Maddi madsrocks , Totally normal :), answered

This is totally normal, its called vaginal discharge, Its normal for it to be white, clear, pale yellow. This means since youve had it for 2 months, you will probably get your period around 4-10 months. :)

PS. If its ever brown, youve started your period! :D

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