Should I be afraid I live in California and the Ebola virus is in Texas could it spread throughout the US?


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If I were you, I would not be worried. Professionals are doing everything they can to stop the spread of the Ebola virus.

The people that do have the virus in the US are currently under quarantine. This means that they are not allowed to come into contact with any other human being, unless those humans are wearing specially designed protective gear.

Family and friends of these people are also under quarantine to further prevent any spread,

I am by no mean saying that Ebola is not a threat. It is a very dangerous virus that has killed a lot of people. However, there have been quite a few outbreaks in the past that have been similar to this one, and in the end all have either faded out on their own, or been dealt with by professionals.

Also, compared to the amount of time that the disease has been around, it has spread to relatively few countries. Those it has spread to outside of Africa, have done a very good job of preventing any further spreading in that country. 

I can understand why you are worried, but I would advise not to think about it or let it affect your everyday life. Hospitals are equipped to deal with outbreaks such as these, so leave it in their capable hands.

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Chidera James answered

I live in Nigeria (that's in west Africa) yet I'm not afraid, not at all. Nigeria has been declared Ebola free by the WHO; if Nigeria could contain the virus, America could do much better. Trust me there's no need to be scared, live life freely but still don't live in such a way that you'll be prone to this virus, you really can't trust anyone at this moment, but there's no need to be scared for goodness sake it's California. The travel ban is the worst decision to make now, it's best to contain the virus completely in the world rather than discriminate us from travelling.

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