What are different pros and cons of using contact lenses?


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  • Excellent vision – Being highly myopic, spectacle lenses are very thick at the sides, leading to a distorted image when we look sideways. This doesn't happen with lenses.
  • Clean – Regular cleaning of glasses is not required because we have got  grime on it.
  • Excellent field of vision – Since they sit directly on our pupil, our field of vision is as far
        as our eyes can go. With glasses, it is restricted to the size of our lenses – Everything outside is
  • Can wear sunglasses – We can't really carry off this look if we are wearing glasses.
        Sunglasses on top of glasses just doesn't work.


  • Work: Putting them on every morning and taking them out every night can  become a tedious chore.
  • Siesta: The kind of lenses we wear make the eyes very dry if we take a nap with them on. Hence, lenses can be a nuisance if we love our afternoon siesta.
  • Dust: Dust in eyes can get very painful when we are wearing contacts. In particular riding a
        motorbike, especially on dusty Indian roads can be a nuisance.
  • Dryness: Eyes become dry when lenses are used which can get uncomfortable at times.

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