My father drinks a bottle of wine a day! Does that make him an alcoholic? I'm tired of that, he is always saying crap when he drinks. Help! I'm 14 and I live with my sister and parents


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From what you have described it sounds like he may have a problem. Perhaps you could try telling your mum or sister that you're worried about how the alcohol is damaging him and they could mention it to him. He might respond better if your mum talks to him first. I hope things get better for you. Good luck :)

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My  mum knows he has a problem but he gets violent when we talk to him about how bad alcohol is affecting him!

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Maybe you should get some more family involved and have an intervention. Violence is unacceptable. Try and keep the focus on his health and how he acts when he has been drinking. Get rid of all the alcohol in the house and don't let him buy more. Let friends know, so that if they go out, they won't take him to a pub or a bar.
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Yes, it sounds like your dad has a drinking problem.

Aside from all the problems his drinking is certainly causing your family, he should also be careful as consuming that much alcohol on a daily basis will lead to serious health problems.

As a kid, there's unfortunately not a huge amount you can do directly to stop your dad drinking... You can't physically restrain him, or take away his money, so reasoning with him is option 1.

Always try this when he's sober, not when he's been drinking, and try to connect with him on a personal level - so he see's how much pain his behavior is causing you.

If this doesn't seem like it's going to work, then reaching out to an adult you trust is imperative.

Your mom is the first person you should speak to. If she's not able to take action, then don't feel bad about taking the matter further.

Speak to someone at school, or even an alcohol abuse helpline. You may even want to get the police involved.

The idea of speaking out about your dad's drinking, and potentially getting him in trouble is pretty scary. He's likely to get very angry.

But just think how angry you'd feel if something truly terrible happened to him or someone close to you because of his drinking.

He could end up in hospital or jail if his habit does get out of control.

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