I'm a 14 year old girl losing hair. It's thinning all over! I want to go to a doc but my mom is very religious and thinks that God is punishing me. I just want an answer please.


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Darling Divaa answered

Oh what a terrible thing for her to say. Hair loss can be caused by anything from a poor diet, stress to genetics. If there is another adult with whom you trust please confide in them. You really need to see a Physician to determine exactly what is going on. My best to you....

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Well this could be very very very serious going from cancer to other illnesses you need to tell your mum that you NEED to go to the doctors and if God is punishing me then if I see the doctor the doctor will send a message to god asking if he will make me better xx

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Hair loss can due to bad Thyroid, hormonal imbalance, vitamin deficiency. Your better to seeing a physician They will give you the best advice and I'm sorry your mom thinks God will heal you. I had neighbor just like that and she lost her life all cause she wouldn't take diabetes medications. But i wish you well hope it works out for you.

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