Recently my depression has come back and I've been feeling very suicidal. I've been cutting more and people have been saying really bad things about me at school. Is there any way I can stop it?


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You have to ignore the bad people in school if not than talk to a School guidance counselor, or Principal about taking charge of those people who are bullying you. And suicide is never the right choice to make.

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The best way to help yourself is with therapy. Don't go it alone....

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Suicidal thoughts and depression are a dangerous combination. As soon as possible, you need to seek help from a psychotherapist. You can try , but you can not do without qualified help
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Why worry what people think of you? Your decisions is your life/consequences.  You shouldn't be harming yourself. Life is complicated no matter what age you are. When you get older and work for people higher than you, there's gonna be more a**holes out there . Make life the best and prove those people that talk bad about you wrong.

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Hi. I used to know someone with depression, so what happened to them was that they got found found out for it, so they were sent to therapy sessions and then prescribed with anti depressants. 

So I would suggest going to therapy and / or  ignoring or even reporting these sociopathic wastes of life and resources that seem to be acting like a group of terrible jerks with a herd like mentality.

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I knew someone who cut and attempted suicide  she also wouldn't eat. That is never the right way to go be  Beautiful be strong and be brave. Don't let these sorry excuses for people bring you down. You are better then them prove them wrong. Show them who's boss. because you my friend can do this YOU can do this

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