I just lost my mother last night and I am scared. I don't know what to do now? I can't describe how I feel but I would like advice from someone who has gone through this.


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I haven't gone through this, but I just miss my grandfather who died before I was born. I just wish to see him once for real! I miss him most when we are in trouble, having problems and nobody knows about it! Losing our mother would something which would make us feel as if we've lost our breath, we can't step forward thinking no-one's there to hold us! It's like feeling alone in a big crowd! Losing our dearest ones is something that can be a problem for us and also something that can be a profit for us! Thinking what your mother dreamed for you, fulfilling her dreams, being happy just for her... This is what will make you stand still and proud, having your mother in your heart!

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I am so sorry for your loss. I went through this too, when I was twelve. I can remember thinking things weren't real, like I was dreaming. Try not to think about "what will I do?" The adults in your life love you and will handle things for you. You need to concentrate on yourself, express your feelings and take time to grieve.....as much as you need to. It's a very difficult thing to lose your mother, stay strong, and time will help you heal.

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