What´s one of your biggest fears?


7 Answers

Cyber Tooth Tiger Profile

I think getting hurt by someone is one of my fears, Flying in plane is another fear of mine, High places is another fear.

Professor Cat Profile
Professor Cat answered

those big cockroaches, i have such a big fear that i have to check my bed before i sleep and check my bathroom before i use it, i would barely be able to sleep from my fear :(

Linilla Schmidt Profile
Linilla Schmidt answered

It's the middle of the night & I wake up and I hear the shallow intermittent  breathing of my husband beside me and grow afraid that his not using his C-Pap will worsen his high blood pressure.  So I count the seconds between breaths and when I get to 11 I say aloud, "Breathe!" See, I'm very afraid of what his not using his breathing device will do to him, now 70 years old.  The snoring I can live with fine,  but he has clogged or damaged nasal passages or something and finds the c-pap he was issued years ago uncomfortable so he refuses to use it. He gets tired during the day a lot and snoozes sitting up, in spite of being quite active especially working, working, working outdoors. He brushes it off as  though it's no problem.

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