Do you talk to yourself when youre alone?


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Taylor Brookes answered

Yeah. I talk to myself around other people too. My friends are used to it now :)

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Taylor Brookes
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It's usually just small stuff like ''wait, what am I doing?'' if I walk into a room and forget why I'm there, or ''how do you- oh, I've figured it out, don't worry' or ''oh my god what have I- no, wait, it's fine, never mind'' when I think I've done something stupid, so nothing too embarrassing :b
Armaghan Ali
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Thats a good way. I personally walk my room all the time and lecture myself on stuff. And when Im doing that, Im a brilliant teacher and an obedient student at the same time. 'Yes Sir! I'll keep that in mind' :'D
Fitz Raijin .Wada
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All of the time. I'm alone with my dog for most of the day. My convos with myself and my dog are quite interesting and often very funny. I would be very embarrassed if someone was listening in.

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Taylor Michelle answered

I talk to myself whether I am alone or not. My parents think I am crazy.

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Armaghan Ali
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Oh people will think what they want to think. So long as you dont start believing them, you'll do just fine.
However I should warn you about getting self-absorbed. That too is a disaster.
Taylor Michelle
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I am not self-absorbed. o.o
Armaghan Ali
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It is a great thing that you are not. Because lately I had become the very thing, I just thought I should give a heads up.
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24/7 .. Any type of talk as well, It helps me, I do everything better when I do that. I repeat things to myself, analyse things to myself, plan,question & answer myself as a conversion. Instead of someone else to predict the possible replays I can give or I might receive. I can solve things that way as well, & so many other things .  .

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Matt Radiance
Matt Radiance commented
It's been part of me & yes it really helps me in so many cases, I don't notice it as "Talking to myself" cause i guess everyone do that whether they notice or not. However, For me it's even different, When i was A kid, I could play soccer instead of all 22 players with commentary without being able to predict the outcome of the game. I still can do that! lol!
Armaghan Ali
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LOL man that is so me back then. Really :'D
Matt Radiance
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haha! that's cool :) someday we'll play together, 11 players me, 11 players you! :)) ! lol!
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Kioyre S. answered

I talk to myself all the time... I don't know whether it's normal or not but I'm always arguing with myself over several things. If I don't want to think about puppies, I usually lash out at myself for doing it... :P Kinda weird. I laugh with myself, etc. It freaks my friends out though.

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Not really, but my right hand practices kung fu with my left hand. One hand uses Karate, the other uses Krav Magna and they try to have a deathmatch every now and then.

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Megan goodgirl answered

Yes all the time and it's perfectly normal.

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Cindee Forks answered

Yes, I think it's part of being human, we all need someone to trust in, and you're the number one person you'll trust.

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David Shabazi answered

I mostly do that when I'm alone, but sometimes I feel like I take it too far because I'd occasionally develop a full-on conversation with myself, and at random times I'll interrupt myself mid-conversation and think "what on Earth am I doing?"

It's kinda funny, actually.

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