Why are some people more afraid of medicine than illnesses? Myths stating that mercury in vaccines causes autism continue to persist along with many others, after all.


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All manner of myths exist, usually based on ignorance, but make no mistake -- pharmagenetic illnesses, those caused or exacerbated by treatment -- abound. They fuel the superstitions.

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So what do we do? Let illnesses fester?
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Of course not, though some people do exactly that. "Fester" is a bit dramatic, of course, but I've known people who are more afraid of the cure than the disease.

It's not the same thing but while I was receiving radiation therapy for cancer one young woman refused to accept the full treatment because she was claustrophobic and refused to accept the treatment. I don't know if she survived, but it's possible that her fear killed her.
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Many people are unaware of what they need to know in regards to  what foods, drinks, and other medicines or activities to avoid when taking medicine. Not to mention the many harmful side effects and not knowing what to do if they occur. It's important to keep in mind, too, that drugs do not provide the answer to every medical problem. Many do not need drugs at all. World Health magazine, a WHO publication, states: “Only use a medicine when it is needed. Rest, good food and lots to drink are often enough to help a person get better.”

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Some think that they became More ill by taking medicine or became addicted of it

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I dont think I like this question

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The F.D.A is still alowing cigeretts on the market,

when they have proven to be unsafe. Now just recently

Advil, Ibeprophon, and Alieve have been found to cause

Strokes and Heart attacks by the F.D.A and yet they are still

on the market. They are more concerned about making a

buck then they are about health and you.

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