Is it bad that I let stress affect how I eat? Like if I am really stressed and sad/angry I don't eat. I just have a snack and cry or sleep.

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Kioyre S. answered

I do that too, and I can tell you myself that it definitely is not a good thing. I find it hard to control as well, trying to not associate how I feel with what is actually good for me... If that makes any sense.
My problem is even when I try to eat, it feels like my body is rejecting the food, nausea, etc., so despite horrible hunger, I won't touch any sort of food - not even a small snack.
But, as I've been told before by some people who have noticed this in me, it's not an excuse. The harder one tries, the more likely one will get to where they want, or need, to be. For now, I'll still be struggling, but it definitely does help to acknowledge the fact that stress shouldn't affect your eating habits. My eating habits are bad enough anyway.
Deep breaths, eat when you can or something... I'm sure things will change.
Hit me up whenever, if you want to chat :P

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Luke Reine answered

I thought you said you didn't eat when you did this? If you didn't eat at all, yes, it would be bad. You say you had a snack though, which is good for you to do. At least, something goes in your body... You're fine (:

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Tyson Evans answered

If you snack, it's no big deal because you ARE eating. If you didn't snack, it would be bad.

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Victor Reine answered

You're still eating, maybe not as much as you would have in a meal. Missing one meal won't hurt, especially if you're still snacking. If you didn't snack, it would be bad, yes.

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