How to get rid of herpes?


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Once infected the herpes virus lives dormant until triggered. If you have it on the lips then there are antiviral creams that may speed up healing time if applied at the first tingling sensation before the blisters appear, you can buy these at the pharmacy. If on the genitals or elsewhere, then you may want to visit your doctor or sexual health clinic who can swab the area and confirm diagnosis and prescribe antivirals. Your body will build a stronger immunity to it, people usually break out when they have low immunity, unwell, or stressed, etc. When having intercourse use protection to avoid passing on infection. Herpes can appear asymptomatic,  so you can catch it without symptoms being visible.

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I read that the body’s immune system cannot simply crush the irritating herpes virus. Doctors say that herpes escapes such a fate by attaching itself to a cell, penetrating its outer membrane and hiding therein. Safely inside, it swiftly commandeers control of the cell’s “brain,” turning the cell into a veritable herpes factory! From 80,000 to 120,000 new viruses are created within three to five hours. The cell wall then bursts open, allowing an army of dangerous particles to flow into the bloodstream and infect yet other cells. We can thus see why doctors say that herpes is so tough to kill. A cure would somehow have to penetrate infected cells to kill the virus. Or it would have to kill infected cells without destroying healthy ones. Little wonder that medical science is thus far stumped.

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