Can arthritis in thumbs be relieved?


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Josh Combs answered

Yes and No.

Depending on the severity would determine the approach I would take, or a physician for that matter.

If it is a new problem try an NSAID(Aleve & Aspirin available without prescription or with prescription Mobic(meloxicam) works great for me and is cheap. Celebrex seems to help my parents but is ridiculously expensive. Nabumetone(Relafen) is another Rx alternative.

Pain medications, containing opiates, will help but will cause you a pain in the @$$ in one way or another whether it is getting them, staying on them, becoming addicted, or constipated.

I have severe arthritis in 9 joints and take an NSAID and prescription pain medicine to help.

Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D3. Most people do not now because of the excessive amount of time spent in doors.

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