My social anxiety is getting worse. It's getting to the point where I am worrying about things months ahead. I'm starting GCSE's and I'm worrying that I'm never gonna be brave enough to get a job! What do I do?


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Start by talking to your family physician.  There are medications that help with anxiety.  He or she should be able to recommend a therapist to help you learn techniques to interact with people.  It is a skill that doesn't come naturally to all people.  You will have to learn it just like you learn how to drive or play a sport.  You will never be an extrovert, but you can improve your social functioning.

There are jobs that don't require much social interaction.

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When you have anxiety in any form, you can really hurt yourself mentally and emotionally by letting it get away from you.

For some, medication and therapy is the way to go. Some use yoga and meditation to try and relax their minds.

You cannot predict your future. You can only control your present, which is here and now. What can you focus on - here and now - that will help you in this situation?

Would writing down your feelings help? If so, start a journal. Would researching jobs just so you have a feel for what requirements jobs are asking for help? If so, do some research online. If you are here in the United States, you can go to and see interview questions, reviews, company stats and more on different companies.

If you are not presently doing any kind of physical activity, I would encourage you to begin walking briskly at least twice a day for 15 to 30 minutes depending on your endurance. This really will help you clear your mind and get your body moving.

Don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help. There are many folks that would be glad to step in and help, if they knew you had a problem. Good luck.

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Your thoughts are controlling you, you need to learn to choose which ones are productive. There was a book I once read called "Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway" it is probably still in print might be worth a read. Leave caffeine alone and learn to self comfort, tell yourself it will be ok, whatever happens you will deal with it, because truth is we do, life is served up portion by portion. Keeping a diary, and expressing how you feel to others' may be a useful tool as you will not be alone in any of these fears.

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Medication is the worst way to go about it!

Just work on it. Stay at home and watch horror movies and movies about war and realise there are things scarier than saying communicating with people.

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A bit of anxiety is absolutely normal for each one of us, especially when you are approaching a big moment. However, if your anxiety is getting worse and is preventing you from going about your daily routine life, then it is about time that you see a doctor. With timely attention, you should be able to get through this, very easily. 

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