What causes a fat deposit like a lipoma to form?


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Go visit the link in Rooster's answer. It's very interesting even though it says the cause is unknown.

Mrs Didge would disagree. She insists that they're caused by QMS.

I have two lipomas. One is normal sized -- a couple of centimetres across -- on the side of my head. If I still had hair it wouldn't really be noticeable.

The second is enormous, as lipomas go. It's on my upper back and is a bout 10 cm (4 inches) across and 2 or 3 cm high. That's how Mrs D. Came to make her diagnosis. She says that QMS is Quasi Modo Syndrome/

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Why must I be reminded of dercums disease? ever since that episode came on TV. I remember them saying that it was for some reason very painful unlike most lipomas. Extremely rare.

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Ouch! That looks nasty.

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