Neutro Auto L 33.0 Lymph Auto H 60.3 ALC 6.3 H What Do These Results Mean?


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These blood tests are informing you that your Neutro Auto is low and your Lymph Auto and ALC are relatively high. I am afraid that I cannot comment on how this blood count affects your health as I am not a medical professional and I urge you to speak to the doctor that carried out these tests for the appropriate feedback. However, it may help that if you know what a blood test consists of.
· What Does a Blood Test do?
A blood test is a medical procedure that is carried out in order to test the health of your blood and it can also help to determine certain aspects about an individual. There are a number of reasons why a blood test will be carried out. For example, individuals who are suffering from a particular illness may need a blood test to help diagnose it. Also, someone may be tested for diabetes or drug use via a blood test.
· How is it carried out?
In order to take an appropriate blood test, the doctor needs to remove a section of your blood and send it off to be tested. The first thing they do is insert a needle into the vein in your arm and draw the blood out. In addition, sometimes a doctor will extract the blood from the individual's finger via a small tube.
· What do the results mean?
It is important to understand that low and high readings do not necessarily mean that something is wrong with you. Each individual is different depending on their diet, medications, age and so on. Again, I must reiterate that you should consult the doctor who carried out your blood test to discuss the results.

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