I suspect my girlfriend has an eating disorder, in fact I'm almost certain. If she were to tell me she did, how should I react? I'm not going to leave her. I just want to know what you would want to hear basically I don't want to say something stupid.


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I give you a lot of credit for coming on here. It must of taken a lot to ask that question. You sound like a really caring person.

I found a link that should help. I hope you find what you are looking for.


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If you actually truly care about her, you shouldn't be concerned about saying what SHE wants to hear.  You should be concerned about what SHE NEEDS to hear. 

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I read that it has been noted that many with eating disorders have a low self-image and are perfectionist in nature, setting unreasonably high expectations for themselves. Build up your girlfriend by having a heartfelt talk with her.

Plan carefully what to say and when to say it.

Express clearly your concern and your desire to help.

Do not be surprised if the first response is defensive.

Be a patient listener.

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