I wish I was beautiful and confident but that never happened, are you feeling good about yourself?


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Beauty starts within you must love yourself first, accept yourself. Start working on your face, makeup and if necessary comestic and plastic surgery.

Discuss any and all concerns  /plans with your parents. If you're an adult surgeons give free consultations.

A pretty face will not make you beautiful. And

Lastly, sitting around wishing, hoping, whining about your face is pointless.

Action, action and action. 

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No matter how "beautiful" you try to be .. It's not necessarily going to make you feel confident or even happy.  You should concentrate on finding your own inner happiness.  Beauty fades .. So you need to find something more long lasting to lead a happy life.

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Of course I feel good and happy! I wasn't always confident in myself and it took some doing, but I like me! I am who I am, and I look how I look! If someone else doesn't like the way I look....then don't look! I catch myself wondering what someone else might think sometimes, but quickly catch it and put it out of my mind.

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I'm Ray Dart. Of course I feel good about myself!

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Beauty is subjective c:

As for the question, I feel good about myself. I'm a nice person, I try to be friends with everyone and spread happiness c: It's very rewarding ^^

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Barb Cala
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That's kind of unrealistic .. trying to be friends with everyone. Better to just find your own personal happiness .. that is much more rewarding and attainable.
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Everyone are beautiful, each and every single person has their own unique appearance, the differences of our appearance is the first key of it's beauty, different sizes, colors, and shapes, it's totally magic! A magic that we shouldn't try to ignore but to embrace. The beauty is there, but feeling it is a state of mind, beauty and confident both are state of mind, you need to accept yourself the way you are and reach the core of your true self, the awareness is the power which brings confident, awareness of how you are and taking the best advantage out of it. You are beautiful in your own unique way, believe it, accept it, let it ignite out of your skin and arteries , right out of your heart and soul just like sunshine who come over the darkness of the night, when you reach the zone , you'll find yourself confidential as well. And you suddenly notice people seeing you differently right away,

I wished to have  blue eyes and kinda dark blonde hairs, i wished to be taller, i wished to have bigger hands and thicker wrist, i wished to have less facial hairs, i wished so many other things! But in your answer: Yes i do feel good about myself, cause i discovered so many life's patterns on my own, the first thing i realized is i can't expect others to love me if i don't love myself, i can't expect everyone react positive over me when i be negative to myself, i accepted myself and took advantage of how i am, and everything got different, learnt so many things, done so many things, doing so many things, people frequently complimenting my eyes, lips and appearance, i've been told i'm a great motivator, impressionist, and orator, i've been called so many sweet things like, sweet talker, Mr.nice guy and many more! Why ? Cause i started to see myself differently and that's where everything starts. You can try it today, it's never late. Good luck!

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No I am not. Wanting to be dead consumes my thoughts, but don't let it happen to you. It's a slow, painful, excruciating death.

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The answer to things such as this is always exercise. Nothing is as attractive as someone who takes care of themselves. Being fit. Being active. Having a hobby.

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Don't confuse 'beauty' and confidence .. They don't neccessarily go hand in hand. 

Beauty is a preference of how something looks .. Confidence is an emotionally driven choice about how someone feels.

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There's no way you're going to be happy and confident if you don't show others the wonderful person you really are. Start living your future before it appears, or disappears behind you. Learn to live  your life to its fullest with consultants as your Life Coach.

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First and foremost, God doesn't make ugly nor junky people. Each of us was made in our own unique and different way so the real beauty of all of us lies deep inside where no one can change it so beauty really isn't in the eyes of the beholder as the looker only sees what is skin deep and not the real beauty of any person so never ever compare yourself to anyone else as the mind does play tricks on us as we are our own worst critics. Just remember that you are the most beautiful person you know in the Universe no matter what anyone else says. Self confidence is built up in each of us over time, growing a little more each day with accomplishing little goals we set for ourselves. No one is born with with 100% self confidence so in time you will be too or youll learn the secret most think is self confidence  and that is how to hide your fear and act like youre self confident.  Many people never become totally self confident in themselves so don't expect it but you may actually surprise yourself .  Set small goals or play school sports to help build up your confidence and youll be just fine here. Good luck

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Beauty is only skin deep.

So if you don't have any skin,

don't worry about it.

Don't judge a book by its cover anyway.

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